Cameraperson »

Cameraperson is a cinematic tapestry of director Kirsten Johnson’s memories of her 25-year career. Kirsten has shot documentaries all over the world, from Brooklyn to Bosnia-Herzegovina and all the way up to Nigeria. This documentary is compiled from clips and shots that didn’t make their way into the final cuts. This visual memoir is a […]

Love »

Once-promising art student Veronika despises ordinary life, so she lets binge drinking and style games fill the void. Her sidekick, gorgeous homosexual Raivo is deeply but platonically in love with her. The love triangle is completed by ex-con Fred, a tragic figure who wants to abandon his past. He sees Veronika as his only savior, […]

Safari »

Safari is a holiday film about killing. In DocPoint 2016 director Ulrich Seidl shocked audiences with his film In the Basement. Now he returns with a new film. In the African savannas Austrian and German trophy hunters lie in the bushes waiting for their prey. When they finally shoot a zebra or an antelope or […]

The Happy Film »

How does one become happy? Will coffee or yoga make you feel good? Or is it free-time, job or a girlfriend? In the 21st century some search happiness from hygge and meditation; others tour countries starting with letter I, or package their belongings to rental storage. Stefan Sagmeister is a graphic designer on his fifties […]

Lo and Behold, Reveries of a Connected World »

In the beginning there is a word, a word spoken by Werner Herzog. His warm and familiar voice leads us deep into a network of everything, a vast network extending all the way to Mars and beyond. On his journey of discovery Herzog meets pioneer coders, cosmologists, radiation-sensitive people and robots. Even the Antichrist is […]

The Road Movie »

If you like car crash compilations and Russians with foul mouths, you will love this fascinating mosaic of asphalt adventures and landscape photography, in which video footage from a variety of dashboard cameras presents the absurd and frightening nature of Russia. Alongside a series of bizarre car accidents on the country’s roads, the dashboard cameras […]

Raving Iran »

Two young DJs, Anoosh and Arash, are at the Ministry of Culture sorting out the permits needed for arranging a gig and printing posters. It has already been made clear to them that they cannot use any English (albeit using “Made in Iran” is “obviously fine”), mocking of beards is forbidden, and no women with […]

LoveTrue »

We visit three corners of the United States. In Alaska, the once bullied Blake has finally found a loving partner in Joel. Due to Joel’s illness, the couple’s love is literally fragile, but it is Blake’s unconventional career choice that might eventually get in the way of their happiness. In Hawaii, surfer-hippie Willie has recently […]

Houston, We Have a Problem! »

’Even if everything is fake and we know it, it tells us so much about the social reality in which we live.’ – Slavoj Žižek Fact: Yugoslavia hosted the world’s first international symposium on space exploration in 1967. Fact: American astronauts from several Apollo missions visited Yugoslavia in the 1960’s. Fact: Yugoslavia received more than […]

You Have No Idea How Much I Love You »

“Will you begin?”, 25-year-old Hania asks her mother Ewa and gazes hesitantly at the therapist. A shared history, swept under the rug for decades, will now be dug out in family therapy. In the beginning it is difficult to find the right words to describe the feelings that have been left unnamed for so many […]