Raving Iran

Two young DJs, Anoosh and Arash, are at the Ministry of Culture sorting out the permits needed for arranging a gig and printing posters. It has already been made clear to them that they cannot use any English (albeit using “Made in Iran” is “obviously fine”), mocking of beards is forbidden, and no women with makeup, or any other illegalities, can be shown. It is also forbidden for a man to show his back, and a woman can only sing as a background singer. When the boys ask if it is a problem that their female singer has piercings, the clerk can no longer keep a straight face. ”Have you completely lost your minds?” the young woman laughs. ”Your singer should be sent straight to the morality police”.

The techno scene in Iran is completely underground. Raves can only be arranged far out in the desert – and even then, the participants literally fear for their lives. Raids, arrests, and assaults take place every day.

Everything changes when the boys are invited to perform at a massive techno festival in Switzerland – a way out is offered. But by taking this opportunity, the way back may be closed forever.

Sirje Niitepõld / Translation: Ulrika Sundelin

Langauage: Farsi
Subtitles: English

  • Name in Original Language: Raving Iran
  • Director: Susanne Regina Meures
  • Country: Switzerland
  • Year: 2016
  • Length: 84 min
  • Age limit: null
  • Cinematography: Gabriel Lobos, Susanne Regina Meures
  • Editing: Rebecca Trösch
  • Audio: Farshad Shokuhfar
  • Music: Blade & Beard
  • Production: Christiana Frei / Frei Filmproduktion


  • Cinema Sõprus: Saturday 28.01 - 22:00