The Apology »

Korean ‘Grandma Gil’ was 13 years old. Filipino ‘Grandma Adela’ was 14. Chinese ‘Grandma Cao’, now in her 90’s, was also still young, when Japanese soldiers came to the girls’ homes and snatched them to serve as ‘comfort women’ for their troops. The sexual slavery imposed by the Japanese army during World War II was […]

Alisa in Warland + People Who Came to Power »

How well do you understand the crisis in Ukraine? Or war in general? If you have never thought about the events in Crimea, you certainly will after watching this disturbingly honest documentary by Alisa Kovalenko and Liubov Durakova. Alisa in Warland is named after Alisa Kovalenko, one of the two directors of the film. She […]

Hooligan Sparrow »

“I can live with physical discomfort, but I hate crime and injustice.” Ye Haiyan knows what she is talking about. For years, she has defended women’s rights in China, and consequently been pressured and harassed by the officials. Previously Haiyan campaigned for the rights of the sex workers, but recently she has turned her attention […]